Home Healthcare in Cyprus is now
an option for all

Medigence is the first private home healthcare
provider in Cyprus with nationwide coverage
and a solid reputation for delivering
first class services.

5 reasons to choose Medigence Home Healthcare Services

1The specialized and experienced team of Medigence delivers a full range of state-of-the-art home healthcare services in the comfort of your own home, at affordable prices.

2Medigence offers unique patient care. Every plan of care is designed to meet the patient’s unique nursing needs and financial ability.

3The Medigence team consists of specialized and experienced nurses and doctors of various specializations, midwives, physiotherapists, nutritionists / dieticians, psychologists and sociologists.

4Home healthcare services strengthen bonds between patients, relatives, nurses and doctors. All parties involved have one thing in common: a wish that the patient recuperates fully or is relieved as much as possible from the symptoms associated with more serious medical conditions.

5The security and familiarity that a home provides, coupled with the high quality of Medigence Home Healthcare services, enable patients to treat their medical condition effectively, with a positive frame of mind and with a sense of dignity.

A unique plan of care for each patient




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